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shik'éí dóó shidine'é. Shí éí Richardson Etsitty yinishyé. Tsi'naajinii nishłį, Tsédeeshgizhníí bashishchiin, Bįįh bitoodnii dashicheii, Kiyaa'áanii dashinalí. Ákót'éego Hastiin iné nishłį. Lechee Rock, Arizona kééhash'į, ahéhee'.

Hello, my family and my friends. I am Richardson Etsitty. I am born for the Black Streak Wood people clan and Rock Gap Clan from my father. My grandfather, my mother's father, clan is Deer Spring and my Nali's, my father's mother clan is The Towering House people. I reside near Lechee Rock, Arizona. Thank you and I am very grateful for my entire Diné clanship family.


Antelope Hogan Bed & Breakfast is half of a mile from Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon which is in our backyard for many generations. Experience the nature and finally enjoy breathing. A 100% Navajo Authentic Family Owned and Operated EXCLUSIVE Company with the knowledge of traditional Navajo culture, heritage and enrich history.


​Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast provides guests with the experience of private camping, RV and lodging in a traditional Navajo Hogan while being immersed in the culture that our ancestors created on the Navajo Reservation. The hogan will put you in a place you've never been before to experience Mother Nature, herself, with star gazing at night to the sun waking you up in the morning to the beautiful sunrise with surreal colors. Guests will also be able to enjoy "TRADITIONAL NAVAJO FOOD" so don't forget to reserve our families famous "NAVAJO TACO DINNER". The Navajo Storytelling of our history while being surrounded by mother nature in our backyard by the firepit (reserved seating). We also do Pick-ups/Drop-offs from the AIRPORT and HOTELS in the Page area with reserversations of staying, private tours and hiking tours so be sure to CALL to reserve ahead of time. 

The Navajo Female Hogan and the way it's structured to the East, it's the same as an authentic style Hoogan. The Female Hoogan is a nine sided Hogan and it's an a representation of the the nine-cycle of pregnancy that brings new life to the real world. The Navajo people known as the Diné people, the "People of the land" been living in traditional Navajo Hogans from mother nature for many Generations to present time. The Navajo Hogan has a dirt floor that's always wet down with precious water and sweep neatly so when guest stay with us they reconnect back to the real life of our lifestyle to this date and time. The stay at the Navajo Hogan is very private and cleansed before and after each visitor. A 5 gallon jug is used for hand/face wash and ice cold drinking water and other essential needs for your stay. So, take a step back to the ol' traditional lifestyle with us. WE are here to HELP!

Each Hogan holds a maximum up to 6 adults. For parties greater than 6, please reach out to us directly via phone or email so we can best accommodate you.


Be sure to keep in touch with Mother Nature (Ni'hoosdzaan) because we are a bi-polar region so be sure to look ahead during your stay. Stay updated with the weather on the Navajo reservation near "LeChee, Arizona". Be sure to check during our rainy season months May-September. 

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"Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours" and "Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast, LLC" are proudly announcing they're working together. The package tour is a Navajo Hogan Traditional exclusive stay along with a professional Private sightseeing and hiking tours into



RATTLESNAKE CANYON and many more" 

Our Navajo local Professional guides will be exclusively taking guests through the most beautiful Native architectural structure canyons, carved by Mother Nature, herself. Be prepared to witness all the colors and segments of the sandstone created by the wind, sand, water and time. Guides will assist you through the canyon literally, point out different images hidden in the sandstone and gain some knowledge of our Navajo history/culture throughout your private tour WITHOUT the CROWD!

Be sure to call ahead to reserve a Pick-up/Drop-off from Hotels or the Airport in the surrounding Page area.


CALL us directly (928) 640-7983/TEXT us directly (928) 209-2928 or via email ( to book exclusively for your next adventure or bucket-list. 










"This is a true once in a lifetime experience, beyond your wildest dreams."